What is the Treatment for Low Testosterone without Steroids


A Testosterone is a hormone that stimulates in both females and male. It is mainly accountable for sexual characteristics. Testosterone level diminish when a person has aged, has a certain disease and poor balance diet. By using artificial hormones it can trigger negative results. However an organic method of increasing testosterone with proper nutrition as well as workout activity.

Steps with Which You Can Solve The Problem of Low Testosterone

Step 1

Taking up B-complex supplement, this supplement contains folic acid, vitamin T5, T6 and T12 supplement that boost testosterone level. Eat foods that are rich in these vitamin, such as avocados, ovum, wheat and fish.

Step 2

Include and boost your vitamin Zinc in your meal plan, it helps increase amounts of testosterone. Food like shellfish, prawns and oysters is best since these foods has a high content of this mineral.

Step 3

Daily intake of 500mg fish oil once or twice a day help decrease sex hormone binding globulin, where fish oil has omega 3 fatty acids and other type of nutrients.

Step 4

Regular exercise, such as weight lifting and running helps increase testosterone. By decreasing excess body fats will led to decrease of estrogen and ascend testosterone.

Step 5

Also eat food like eggs, tomatoes, red peppers, cruciferous vegetables, alfalfa sprouts, apples and pineapples that is also great in increasing testosterone.

Step 6

Reduced intake of saturated fat, sugars and convenience food. For these types of foods reduces levels of testosterone in the body.

How Long Do It Take for Low Testosterone Treatment?

If you want to stay fit and healthy you need to continue taking it, it is also proven based from own experience, bioidentical works better than synthetic therapy. And once your body will be dependent to artificial hormone, it will also stop its ability to produce natural testosterone. However after your long years of taking testosterone therapy, you have to keep yourself on track by having several test from your physician, since most men when they aged are prone to prostate cancer.