Types of Food Packaging and How to Choose the Most Appropriate?


From the moment a customer confirms a purchase, one of the most important processes to consider when managing an e-commerce is initiated. The logistics of picking , packing and transport starts to guarantee a satisfied customer and a successful transaction. To achieve this, it is essential to have the appropriate packaging for our products.

The eCommerce management team needs to know their product better than anyone, as well as the size, protection, and even aesthetics they need to deliver their products to the customer.

The team will also need to assess storage requirements, space available for packaging elements and picking management . Depending on the sum of all these factors, he will have to choose one type of packaging or another because the preparation of the order is just as important as the other factors. The picking can be done in manual and automated way, although the mixed model also exists. This is a careful selection process as it requires a lot of attention because any error in this chain will involve a delay in delivery or even damage.
food packaging
The picking and packing are two tasks that require a lot of time and organization. They are an integral part of the logistics process that will determine whether or not the shipment will arrive in good condition and on time.

The package formats are very diverse, because standard packages are added to those that meet specific needs, or even those who want to be different in terms of aesthetics and personalization. A crate of organic oranges and an envelope for confidential documents are not identical. A square box for generic use and the elegant custom packaging of a brand of champagne for example are completely different packs.

In any case, it is however possible to make a list of the characteristic materials of the packaging. To know :


  •  Wood. This material is very strong, rigid and capable of damping. It is reusable and, depending on the type, it can protect from moisture. In addition, its volume and weight can make it more expensive as a packaging material. It takes up a lot of space in the warehouse and mounting wooden crates can be difficult.

Wood is commonly used in international trade to transport objects over long distances, and is ideal for protecting fragile, valuable or large items.

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  •  Plastic. It is an extremely versatile material, in terms of form, size and functionality as well as brand customization and ease of labeling. There are also several types, which can be more or less economical, resistant, recyclable, etc. This type of material makes it possible to make both rigid and flexible packaging, such as envelopes for documents.


  • The box. There are several formats. Corrugated cardboard is the most popular because of its strength and ease of handling and marking. The fact that it has little ability to reuse and that it is damaged when wet is a circumstance that does not prevent it from being the most used material in commercial packaging.

Type of article sent, packaging material, size, utility during the packing process , economy. The choice of packaging will depend on multiple factors that are related and also crucial for the product to reach its recipient in good condition and with the presentation most appropriate to the needs of the shipment.

Finally, at the time of transport, it must be borne in mind that two different types of items will always be available: individuals (for example, bulky, fragile, perishable or with assembly) and the standard ones . These are simpler when it comes to choosing the logistics provider, which is not the case for the first category.

In both cases, to choose a distribution provider, it will also be necessary to consider other factors than those just mentioned: delivery times, traceability of the shipment, type of shipping services and tariffs .

Food packaging needs extra protection and care as compared to other material. A small mistake during packaging will result in a disaster. Make sure no package is damaged before packing and you can check leak using Flexpak Inc Leak Detection.

All the steps in the chain, without exception, from Food packaging to shipping and delivery, require good management, which will be critical to the success of e-Commerce.