Superglue! Not Just for Activists


Superglue is the one household tool you should always have. Often the things that break can’t be fixed with a screwdriver or spanner. They have to be bonded back together. This is where a good glue is invaluable.

From jewellery to handbags to your favorite mug, superglue mends things quickly and with minimal disruption to your daily life. It isn’t just in the home, however, when a good adhesive can save the day. Let’s take a closer look at when it is prudent to carry a good glue when out and about.


Although camping is amazing fun, it is not so good if something happens to the tent or other equipment. One tear and the outside world often comes rushing into the tent. This usually takes the form of water.

One good application with a waterproof glue and you can seal the problem and still enjoy your camping trip. A good adhesive can fix a range of similar problems and work with a variety of materials too.


Increasingly, more and more people are using trailers of some kind for their vacation. Some use them to live in. Should the roof develop a leak, or a taillight crack, or perhaps some of the upholstery rips, a good superglue can come in and save the day. At least buying you time until you can make a proper repair, or you get someone to fix your trailer for you.


Hiking is great for exploring the outdoors. Together with a strong tape, you should ensure you have your trusty tube of glue with you to make repairs should you need to. Outdoor exploring loses its edge if your rucksack strap starts to fray, or your hiking boot starts to tear.
With a fast and easy application of glue, your hiking trip isn’t ruined. You can still explore a region without issues and have an enjoyable day.

In the Garage or Workshop

Increasingly, carpenters, mechanics, and artists are using glues. They can hold things in position with a good adhesive, and work. It is almost like having an extra pair of hands.

Keep a Tube in your Car

For everyday emergencies, keep a tube in your car. Should you notice your shoes, belts, and other clothing is beginning to fray, dab a bit of glue on it. This will prolong its life, and you may not even have to do anything else.

If your handbag strap comes loose, you can fix it quickly with a decent glue. With a good application, you can still hit the stores and the bond will be strong enough for the rigors of the day.
Keep a Tube in your Car
It is worth keeping a tube in the car just for car repairs. Taillights, fenders, upholstery, and a whole range of other little odd jobs can be fixed using a good superglue.

Activists don’t make up the bulk of superglue sales around the world. People are realizing that glue is a necessary tool. It is often precisely what’s needed to make a repair. Wherever you go, keep superglue with you. It will more than prove its worth.