A Simple Guide to Fancy Dress Parties


Will you be heading out to a fancy dress occasion? Here is all you need to know about choosing the dress that will make you the belle of the ball.

Fancy dress tip 1: Decide on what kind of fancy dress party you are attending

The first thing you will need to know when choosing to host such a special occasion is what type of party you would like. Will you be having a specific theme to your event, or is it ‘dress however you like’ kind of party.

You may think that it would be easier to leave the dress code to the discretion of your guests, but you may find it is easier to provide a theme. This way you can choose a theme and build the entire party around it. This will include not only the dress code for guests, but the decorations, invites and even the food you will serve at a special party table.

A specific theme can help your guests choose what the right clothes will be for their little one. Your grown-up guests will appreciate having the decision narrowed down for them.

Fancy dress tip 2: Best party theme ideas

The theme you will choose doesn’t have to be too complex. Actually, keeping things nice and simple is a good idea. For example, you can choose to have a “pink” party and everyone will arrive in their finest pink get up. Another idea is a superhero party.

Perhaps you can ask your child for their input. But if not, here are some terrific ideas to try.

Pirate party – pirates, this is simple enough, Guests can choose anything with crossbones, skulls, treasure on it and other terror on the high-seas costumes.

Garden party – bumble bees, butterflies, fairies and ladybugs.

Harry Potter party – wizards, broomsticks, Gryffindor and all other Hogwarts styles are welcome.

Under the sea party – mer-people, Ariel, tridents and all things nautical.

Fairy party – tutus and wings, fairy costumes and Tinkerbells galore.

Letter party – pick a letter, say ‘R’ and then anything that begins with this letter is good — robots, rangers, rockers and robbers.

Pink or purple party – dress in your favorite color.

Superhero party – Superman, Wolverine, Batman, or basically any hero with a cape.

Princess party – the perfect thing for young royalty to prepare with plenty of tiaras and LOTS of glitter!


Fancy dress tip 3: Theme your invitations

If you have selected a theme, follow through on it with cute invitations that set the tone and theme of the party. For example, if you will be having a pirate themed party, why not make treasure map styled invitations as well. Garden themed parties can include flower or butterfly invites.

Fancy dress tip 4: Give plenty of warning

A proper fancy dress party will provide the invitees with plenty of advance notice to prepare. A week is the bare minimum, you don’t want to be that mom who gave the other moms two days to find a decent costume.

Fancy dress tip 5: Fancy food

The food is going to be the centerpiece of the fancy party and should be prepared accordingly. That will mean, jelly boats for the pirates, pink cupcakes for the fairies and everything purple for that color themed party.

Fancy dress tip 6: Fancy decorations

When it comes to decoration, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make things just right, but don’t hold back either. The only limits will be your imagination. You will not need to put your budget in jeopardy to do this right. Just carefully consider your theme and you will be surprised how many good ideas you can find. Be sure to do some online research and then checkout discount stores, craft stores and even make you own stylish decorations.


Fancy dress tip 7: Have a back-up costume

It is good form to think ahead and assume that not everyone will have the same time to prepare. If a child shows up to the party with no costume, it would be great if you had a solution that saves the day. If one child shows up to the pirate party with plain clothes, a handkerchief for the head, eyeliner for a moustache and the proper swashbuckling cutlass is all you need to save the day.

Fancy dress tip 8: Fancy party favors

Make sure the theme for your big day runs seamlessly through to the party favors at the end. Be sure to consider books, stickers, temporary tattoos and rubber stamps. You can even decorate the bags to match the theme of the party. Alternatively for an unforgettable favor try our giant 3 foot light up sword.