7 Awesome Video Tools for Content Marketers


The ability to reach an audience with the help of video marketing has seen exponential growth in recent years. According to a survey done in 2018, the internet population spends around 500 million hours watching videos on the world wide web. More than 4 billion views have been added each second on Youtube videos as we read this article. But now you might be thinking about what all these numbers are and how they can help you? 

This is just a small glimpse of the potential audience pool available for your brand, business, service, and products using video content marketing. To get the best output from the videos, you need to edit them with the same level of precision with which you have shot the video. But fret not; today, we will show you 7 of the most awesome video editors or video tools that can be used for content marketing. 

1. InVideo

We are starting our list with one of the best online video editor which the user can employ without even downloading the software on their computers. In addition to this, there are several royalty-free templates that you can use to create videos on your own. With the help of these templates, a video editor can easily create a brand intro of 15 seconds to 30 seconds. Likewise, it comes with social media templates for Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Furthermore, InVideo has a special feature called text-to-video, where you can easily convert the blogs and the articles you have written into educational videos. 

Once the text is converted into speech, you can use free animation fonts to tweak your videos and make them more attractive. If there’s a special group of people that you are targeting, you can also use a voiceover accent for the video. This will help you connect with your targeted audience in a much better way and truly grasp the information you provide in the video. 

There are tons of tutorials present on the website, which will surely help you a lot. But if you are stuck somewhere, then there is 24×7 customer support. As a result, if you are stuck somewhere or unable to perform the editing on your video. You can ask customer care to help you out and get things going. 

Video editor hands adjusting color or sound on working console m

2. Splasheo

Next on our list is Splasheo. The main reason why many content marketers use Splasheo is because of its ability to frame their videos, which helps create a bigger visual impact. Splasheo brings in punchy, professional-looking captions which keep your audience glued to the video till the very end. If the videos don’t have captions embedded in them, it will not be possible for a user to watch the video silently. 

Often, users are scrolling through their social platforms when they are on the commute, so if the video doesn’t have subtitles, the user will not watch it. The Creator of Splasheo says that Splasheo isn’t just your regular video editing tool; it is more of a service that the company provides from its portal. There is no automation, and people are working to make your videos look more attractive so they can give you better leads when you post them online. 

3. Slidely

If you are looking to create video slideshows or want to make a video using your photos, then Slidely is the best software to do so. Slidely also has its social network where you get to post the video once your video editor is done editing it. The software can run on both IOS, Android, macOS, and Windows systems. 

4. Promo

As the name suggests, Promo was built to help companies promote their videos on online platforms. Moreover, a user can provide embedded links in the videos, making it easier for a user to directly open the product link without going anywhere else after the video ends. The program follows a purpose-built design, so it has something for every user coming from a different niche. The price range of Promo starts from $39 to $249 a month, depending on the premium features that you want to use. 

5. Lumen5

Lumen5 is designed to make it easier for the marketing team to create marketing videos specifically for social media. It works by providing a video editor with a storyboard where they are free to experiment with their ideas. You get to choose tons of layouts and add custom and free audio in the background to finish your video editing. The templates in the software are AI-powered, making sure that the final product that comes out after editing is truly magnificent and attracts potential customers on social media with ease. 

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6. Pinnacle Studio 

If you want something more than just simple editing, then Pinnacle Studio is the one that gives too many video editing options with a user-friendly interface. A user can take advantage of drag and drop for both audio and video snippets. Speaking of range and the capacity of Pinnacle Studio, a user will be receiving great performance. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because the website also provides great tutorials that are quite handy and provide in-depth knowledge of all the tools present in the software. One can even incorporate tons of unique effects such as stop motion, 360-degree editing to make videos look more refined and polished.

7. Avidemux

Last on our list is the video editing software, which is completely free but only for beginners. You will not receive the many editing tools that a video editor requires to enhance the video quality. The interface is quite intuitive, and a newcomer in video editing can easily encode their videos. The Avidemux uses linear video editing techniques to make videos more engaging and fun. Likewise, the software also comes with several video processing features, which might come in handy if you can publish your videos on social media platforms. 

Wrapping up

So these were some of the best video editing tools which you can use to give your videos the extra charm to attract online engagement and share. If you are a small business, these video editors will surely save you tons of money and provide you both the basic and high-end video editing tools at 3rd of the premium software.