25 Permanent and Temporary Tattoo Ideas for Men


Tattoos are at least 6,000 years old and with a new tattoo shop opening every single day, there is no sign of them slowing down. With an endless amount of tattoo ideas and options to choose from, getting a tattoo can be a difficult and long decision.

These ideas are great for permanent and temporary tattoos.

1. A Peek Inside

A Peek Inside
A popular option for tattoos is to show an x-ray view of the organs, muscles, or veins that exist beneath the skin. This creates a very cool visual effect.

2. Spirit Animal

Is there an animal that you feel particularly close to? Whether it’s an animal you love or have some sort of connection to, animals are great for tattoos.

3. Kid’s Art

An adorable and meaningful option is to have art that your kids made tattooed on your body. You can even have them draw something small and get a temporary tattoo made of it. Visit here to get more information on making a temporary tattoo.

4. Robotic Limbs

If you’re a fan of science fiction or want to make it look like you’ve got something hidden inside, consider having a tattoo of robotic parts hidden under your skin. Similar to showing veins and organs, this is a fun way to go against the grain.

5. Famous Art

Famous Art
Are you an art buff? Do you love going to the museum and admiring the priceless works of art? Getting a tattoo is a great way to pay homage to the artists that have given us masterpieces.

6. Patriotic Art

Being proud of where you’re from is great. You can go beyond the standard flag and have patriotic tattoos designed after national animals or monuments. There are a lot of possibilities for showing your pride.

7. Loved Pets

Whether you have a dog you love or want to pay respect to a cat that sadly passed away, pets are lovely tattoos. They love you unconditionally and you can make the tattoo as realistic or as abstract as you want.

8. Attending Events

Another great choice for temporary tattoos is to design them for an event you’ll be attending. If there’s a concert or festival you’ll be going to, putting some ink on your arm that will last during the fun will make the other attendees jealous.

9. Important Deadlines

Once again, temporary tattoos are perfect for things that won’t last forever. If you have trouble staying motivated, consider getting an important date or reminder put on you so that you are always reminded that you have something to work toward.

10. Tribal

Some may consider them overdone at this point but there’s a reason why they’re so popular. Tribal designs can be large and small and make for intricate art that can be admired.

11. A Simple Word

Words have a lot of weight and power behind them. Even a single word can mean so much to a person. It’s a simple tattoo that is perfect for those that are getting their first or are scared to get something bigger.

12. Portraits

You’ll want to go to a highly-skilled artist for a portrait tattoo. When done right they look fantastic, but you don’t want a family member or loved one to hate the portrayal of them that you got permanently inked on your body.

13. A Meaningful Quote

Powerful people say powerful things. Getting a quote by inspirational people tattooed on yourself doesn’t just help you remind yourself of their words, but it lets you share that wisdom with other people.

14. Skulls

There’s something about skulls that just make awesome tattoos. You can get classic skulls or something very cool like flaming skulls.

15. Religion

If there is a symbol or passage that is important to you, consider getting a tattoo of it. Having a symbol of your faith permanently on you is something you’ll never regret.

16. Music Notes

Musicians or people that just love listening to it may gravitate to having that love of music adorn their skin. Whether it’s words from a favorite song or an instrument that they play, this is a popular option.

17. Your First Car

A person’s first car is a memorable and beloved thing. You probably won’t have it forever so if you find yourself lost in thought about your first ride, a tattoo is a perfect way to remember it.

18. Family

Family is important and honoring them with permanent art is a lovely way to keep them close to you. You can have birthstones, dates, or even portraits tattooed on yourself.

19. Names

People regret having names tattooed on them sometimes so be careful when picking a name. Make sure it’s someone close to you that you don’t see yourself burning the bridge to.

20. Knuckle Tattoos

Knuckle Tattoos
You don’t have to be a biker to get a cool knuckle tattoo. Spell out words or use a symbol for each one. Just don’t do anything offensive if you plan on going to Disney World with tattoos.

21. Astrological Signs

If you put weight into astrological signs, they can make fantastic tattoos. Whether it’s your zodiac mark or that of your loved ones, they can be done in a variety of cool ways.

22. Favorite Characters

Your favorite movie or book has characters that you love so why not put them on your skin at least temporarily. If you go with the permanent option, make sure they’re characters that you really love.

23. Scenery

If there’s a favorite park or place to visit, you should get that tattooed on yourself. A famous city skyline or towering trees make for an awesome tattoo to wrap around your leg or arm.

24. Abstract

If specific imagery isn’t your thing, consider abstract art. Your artist can use experimental designs and colors to make something truly unique.

25. Culture

Honoring your culture by getting a tattoo of important symbols or places is a great way to share your love of who you are and who came before you. Make sure you do your research and get it right since you don’t want to offend anyone.

Tattoo Ideas for Everyone

There are great tattoo ideas for just about everyone. If you’re not sure that tattoos are right for you, look at getting a long-lasting temporary tattoo to try it out first. Look for more great ideas and inspiration today.