Why You Should Get Animal Hats


Hats not only enhance an outfit but can also protect your face from the sun. During summer, when the heat is unbearable, you can use this head accessory to cover your head, ears, and neck.

According to health professionals, most skin cancers develop on necks and ears, because these parts get most of the sun’s exposure. It makes sense because some people only apply sunblock to their faces. Good thing, by wearing an animal hat, you can have double protection from the intense rays of the sun.

Why Go for Animal Hats?

Why Go for Animal Hats
If you are an animal welfare advocate, the best way to spread awareness is by wearing merchandise that supports your advocacy. Animal hats sold by Covered fund animal protection by donating ten percent of its sales to animal welfare charities and organizations.

In addition, wearing an animal hat also gives character to your outfit. You can match the hat with anything. When you are on the go, you can wear this accessory to enhance your look without any effort.

Different Types of Hats

Aside from the baseball hat, there are other types you can buy. Depending on your needs and style preferences, you can choose from these five major types.
Different Types of Hats

If you are going for a sporty yet casual look, you can choose a snapback hat. This style has a long flat bill, which is made of different materials like cotton, faux leather, and other fabrics. Younger people wear this type because it is comfortable for the head, minimalist, and blends well with different kinds of clothing.


This type is almost the same as the snapback, only with a mesh panel. The trucker hat became popular because of its unique design. Years back, this hat served as a promotional product for agricultural companies. To date, this headgear is both stylish and comfortable to wear.


The five-panel hat is also famous because of its sleek design and fitting. It does not look bulky on the forehead and quickly sets on the head. The only downside of wearing this type of hat is, your hair can look messy after wearing it.


It is an old-school hat, which has gotten popular these days because of its hip design. It can come in different colors, designs, and are comfortable to wear. The brims are foldable, in case you want to add flair into the hat. To protect your eyes and ears, make sure to choose a bucket hat with two to three-inch brims.


The Fedora hat has wide brims, which makes it look unique and classy. This type of head accessory does not obscure the view, making it best for driving and strolling. If you are attending a formal occasion, to enhance your overall look go for the Fedora hat.

Hats can be your friends on any occasion and weather. They serve as effective and practical protection of the sun. Furthermore, get an animal hat to show your love and at the same time, support charities that protect these lovely creatures.