Wedding Monogram Lighting Aimed on Wall


Wedding monogram lighting rentals have to be one of the most popular lighting designs packages we provide. Couples looking for unique ways to personalize their event, can project their name in lights for their wedding. Instead of paying high prices with wedding vendors, do it yourself.  Setup is fast. We supply you a high quality film transparency compared to an expensive steel gobo. Read more & become a wedding light projector.

Most wedding vendors will charge hundreds for DIY gobo monogram lighting. Now you can get that same high end effect for a fraction of the cost. You can even personalize your wedding monogram lighting design when you reserve your rental. Choose from 2 different setup locations for your wedding monogram light rental. You can either aim this on your wall by having it setup on a table) or aim this on your floor by renting an additional stand with adapter. Your setup will be done in no time because of our portable convenience this product offers.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of monogram lighting, here are some lighting ideas to get you inspired!

Wedding Monogram Lighting 1

Names In Lights

The most popular use of monogram lighting is to put a couple’s names and wedding date in lights. Different fonts can be used to fit the style of the reception. For example, a cursive font is perfect for a formal wedding, while a simple font works nicely for a more casual reception.

Custom Designed Monograms

Many couples have a special monogram designed for their wedding to use on invitations and stationary.  The same monogram can also be used with a gobo!  Simply provide the artwork to the gobo rental company to put your monogram in lights.  Below is an example of a monogram in lights at a wedding reception.

Wedding Theme In Lights

Monogram lighting is a fun way to make your wedding theme pop. Below are two examples of how to incorporate a theme into wedding lighting.  The first couple added a Cinderella carriage above their names for a Disney theme wedding.  The second couple incorporated the Gateway Arch into the monogram design for their wedding.

Ship Our Wedding:

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Ship Our Wedding invites you to browse their extensive collection and find the décor that will perfectly complement your celebration’s aesthetic. The company has everything from comprehensive lighting packages with up lighting, monogram lighting, and outdoor string lights to backdrops and drapery. Pavilion tent draping, stairways and aisles, photo booths, and projectors and screens are also available. You can even rent a DIY Wedding Videography Cinema Kit to enjoy a hands-on experience while capturing all your special memories.