How to Choose the Ideal Cisco Certifications for You


Most of the individuals are struggling constantly in order to decide the ideal Cisco certification. Choosing an appropriate certification is definitely a challenging and daunting task, and requires a lot of leg work. There are numerous factors that you have to consider, which include personal interests, the strengths as well as weaknesses that you have, and most importantly, the career goals. There are numerous Cisco courses that you have the option of choosing from. However, it is extremely difficult to choose one. The reason behind this is that all the courses can lead to different career paths.

Choosing an ideal Cisco certification can have a great impact on your career. Read on to find out as to how you can select your course without any hesitation.

The answer completely depends on the candidates

answer completely depends on the candidates
It has been observed that numerous students keep asking as to which Cisco certification is going to be appropriate for them. It is safe to answer that it requires research to come to a conclusion. This answer also depends on numerous factors. The factors include:

  • The personality traits.
  • The career goals.
  • The strengths and weaknesses.
  • The interests of the respective individual.

There are numerous other factors and you need to consider all of them before you are starting your research. The answer to choosing an ideal certification ultimately lies with the individual candidates. If you have the proper idea, you will not have questions regarding Cisco certification where to start.

Before you are signing up for a particular Cisco certification, you have to consider the following.

The path that you are extremely passionate about

Numerous students tend to consider various career opportunities as well as the potential for earning when they are selecting a particular course. This is not at all wrong and it is perhaps one of the most important things that you have to consider. However, it is crucial that you study something, which is related to the passion and interest that you have.

The competition within the job market is getting tough with each passing day and it is safe to choose a technology, which is capable of exciting you as opposed to choosing a technology, which is being demanded by people. Employers are constantly looking for candidates who have a passion for learning as well as improving themselves. This is why it is crucial that you choose a track, which will make learning fun and you are also going to feel comfortable. This will ensure that you are running long term with a similar passion that you had when you started.

Therefore, before you are selecting a particular path, it is crucial that you understand what is going to excite you and the things that you should learn about. The first and most important thing that you have to do is know yourself before you select anything else.

Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself
In order to understand what you are plans are in a better manner, you have to gain knowledge about how you are as a person and what is the interest that you have. For understanding this, you need to perform a few important tests on yourself. These tests will be responsible for guiding you in an appropriate direction. A personality test, which is not only quick but also easy to complete, should be taken. This kind of a test is going to provide an indication of the kind of personality that you have and will help in taking an appropriate decision of choosing the right Cisco certification. Getting to know yourself in a much better manner will definitely help in ascertaining as to why you are passionate about a particular career.

Getting certified

Getting certified
As soon as you know that you are acquainted with your personality, it is time that you consider the various options, which are available. As there are numerous courses available, students decide to focus on the important Cisco certifications.

However, before choosing an ideal Cisco certification, it is crucial that you have knowledge about what you are going to do in the future.


Cisco offers various certifications, which are recognized internationally, to the various levels of professionals, who are interested in networking. Therefore, if you are also someone who is interested in growing within the networking career that you have chosen, Cisco is undoubtedly an ideal place where you will be able to start easily.

What is actually a Cisco Certification?

What is actually a Cisco Certification
The Cisco certification is considered to be the primary step towards starting a successful career in the field of networking. Cisco is responsible for offering 5 different levels of certification, which include the entry level, associate level, professional level, expert level, and the architect level.

These 5 levels are referred to as the certification tracks or the learning path. For selecting an appropriate certification, it is important that you understand the certification level that you have already gained. For instance, if you are just starting, you have to consider the entry-level courses, like CCENT. You need to know that the pass percentage of the CCNA examination is 85%, according to

The paths, which can be selected

The path that you are extremely passionate about
Given below is a list of the four important paths, which you can select from.

  • Design: This path is for the people who want to educate themselves on network design. Individuals who are interested in becoming network professionals can opt for this path.
  • Routing and Switching: This path is for the people who are interested in working with the switched or routed networks.
  • Network security: This path is for the people who are interested in securing the Cisco networks. If you are someone who can recognize vulnerabilities and threats, you can be assured that this is just the ideal path for you.
  • Wireless: This path is for people who are interested in working with the LAN configuration, support, and troubleshooting wireless networks. If you are someone, who is interested in managing the wireless LAN configurations, across different access points, this is undoubtedly the best path that you can take.


Ensure that you consider all the factors before you make a decision related to choosing the ideal Cisco certification. Once you understand the interest that you have and the manner in which the certifications work, you will be closer to your choices.