70s Costumes: Tips To Do It Yourself


Are you preparing for Halloween? Have a themed party to show up but worried about what outfit would be perfect for the occasion? Now, you should consider going back in time. Decades’ costume would make you stand out, especially that of the 70s. Fashion in the 70s was sophisticated and glamorous. The shift was quite explosive. If you are interested in replicating the 70s costumes, do well to read on for some great tips.

A Wide Range of Options

A Wide Range of Options
The 70s costumes offered a whole lot of unique options to choose from. From the disco to the hippie, you would be looking glamorous if you choose to replicate any of those today.
If you do not want something extremely popular, the hippie and disco looks will do, of course, complemented with routine platform shoes. You just have to choose your perfect blend with a bit of creativity. While you are making plans for your 70’s clothing, remember that people in the 70s had a custom hairdo – the long and straightened hair.

Costume Ideas

Costume Ideas
Looking for 70s costume ideas? Check out some cool grannies photos. More precise inspiration for decades’ costumes could be drawn from the iconic stars of the era.
Now that you can wrap your head around what exactly you want, or rather, who you choose to imitate, the next would be to get the costumes. There are several vintage stores as well as custom online costume stores where you could get these clothing items and accessories. Don’t forget to get some “attitude” to complement your 70s look.

Here is a comprehensive list of items that should be top of your list while gearing up like it’s the 70s.

Tunic top, vest, bellbottom pants and jeans, linen pants, scarf, hoop earrings or dangly earrings, gold chain or medallion/beads, mood ring, blouse, sandals and knee-high boots or platform shoes.

For women who want to create the 70s look, get a pair of old pants and cut. Make sure you wear a matching vest over a billowy sleeved blouse. Then, tie a scarf around your head to complement the clothing. Wait! That’s not all. Finish it off with killer platform shoes. Voila!

For the men; get a tunic top, peasant shirt or gown (don’t worry they are unisex). Put on linen pants under the gown. Remember the Farrah Fawcett hair? That’s the hairdo you should go for.
If you don’t want to bother looking for these clothing and accessories, check up a vintage store or online store.